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Family owned since 2017

RedDawg Taekwondo offers Olympic Style Taekwondo Sparring, Poomsae, Self Defense and Breaking Board Techniques following World Taekwondo guidelines.

We are avid participants in Taekwondo tournament in Niagara and Toronto area and encourage our students to engage in these events to help self confidence. 

Our mission is to improve the daily lives for each of our students through our proven Taekwondo curriculum, challenging both physical and mental abilites in children and adults. We strive to help all our students reach the goal of "Black Belt Excellence" and guide them to the healthy, enjoyable life we all deserve.


Taekwondo is offeredT

Taekwondo is a Korean form of martial arts involving punching and kicking techniques with emphasis on head- height kicks, spinning jump kicks, and fast kicking techniques. The literal translation for taekwondo is "kicking", "punching", and " the art or way of".

Our Classes are offered to ages 3 & up.

All classes are based on age, belt and skill level. We offer a fun and unique approach to teaching like no other.

self Defense

Unarmed Combat Style for self - Defense, involves skillfully applying techniques that include punching, jumping,kicking,dodges and action with hands and feet to evade and  physical assault.


Taekwondo sparring is used to teach students how to deal with a live and moving human opponent in a controlled environment with protective sparring gear ( i.e. helmet, chest protector, mouth guard, arm, chin and foot guards) and a referee. 

Sparring classes  is available to all students who are interested.

Boxer fit

Boxer fit is a combination of boxing, kickboxing and cardio wrapped up into one.

Classes are in 6 week sessions on

Tuesdays 8:30 - 9:30 pm &

Thursdays 8:00- 9:00 pm   

Where women of all experience levels can go at their own pace, works out,  and have fun!

Building friendships and confidence #red
Being at home everyday, not being to tea



A very welcoming environment for kids to learn, practice and excel.

The instructors attitude towards teaching TKD as their main priority is evident. As opposed to many " commercially"- directed martial arts schools  where  their main concern is increasing the number of enrolments , this school takes pride in engaging every single member in learning martial arts.


Absolutely fantastic 

A true family business

Felt welcome from the first minute and have been learning a ton. They definitely care about their members and encourage you to be comfortable and have fun. 

Hope to become longtime students here, incredibly impressed with everything.


This place is so family friendly. The instructors are amazing and enjoyable,classes are flexible and suitable for all ages. The dojang is welcoming to all levels of experience, from knowing nothing to being a several black belt. 

They are respectful of covid -19  but also know how to care for  their students . 

This place has been extremely supportive and has gone above and beyond. There's  nothing bad you can say about the people, the place  or how things are run.

meet the staff

Master Rodney Reid


Ontario Taekwondo Southwest Board Director

4th Dan Kukkiwon Certified Black Belt

NCCP Certified Coach

18 Years Trained in Taekwondo

First Aid and CPR Level C


Instructor Mya Reid

Head Instructor 

Sparring Team Coach

3rd Dan Kukkiwon Certified Black Belt

NCCP Certified Coach

15 Years experience in Taekwondo

First Aid -BLS CPR ( HCP)

3rd term OTA PTA studnet


Miss Diana


1st Dan Kukkiwon certified Black Belt

Instructor Ryan Timbers


Head Instructor--Princess Margaret Public School

2nd Dan Kukkiwon Certified Black Belt

Ontario Certified Teacher (Primary/Junior)

 NCCP Certified Coach

First Aid and CPR Level C 


Liam Smith

Instructor- RedDawg Taekwondo

Assistant Instructor -Princess Margaret Public School

1 Dan Kukkiwon Certified Black Belt  


Layla REID

Assistant Instructor- RedDawg Taekwondo

Assistant Instructor- Princess Margaret Public School

2nd Dan Kukkiwon Certified Black Belt



Tel/ Txt. 905-329-7917



Monday - Thursday 4:30 - 9:30 PM

Saturday 11:00 - 2:00 PM

6710 Drummond Road unit 10 

Niagara Falls, On L2G 4P1



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